Friday, April 29, 2011

Some amazing video effects

A few months ago, I wrote about Ryan Woodward's use of animation based on real-life movement in a music video. I've continued to research this animation style as and when I have time, and I've found some rather intriguing productions out there.

One of them is a music video, "Rippled", produced for All India Radio, an Australian group, by the Oh Yeah Wow production company, which comments:

"we painstakingly created long exposure light paintings, frame by frame to form animated sequences in the night sky over a 6 month production period. Winner of Best Animated Music Video at St Kilda Film Festival and shortlisted for exhibition at the Guggenheim."

Here's the video.

That's some pretty nifty photography there. I can only guess at how many individual frames had to be shot, then combined to create the video in totality. No wonder it took them six months!


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trailbee said...

This is a great video. Thanks.