Monday, March 18, 2013

Behind the Sandy Hook massacre

Some very nasty snippets of information about the shooter's motivation and actions during the Sandy Hook school massacre last year are coming to light.  I'm not going to reprint them here, because the details are quite sickening.  Nevertheless, those of us who have kids in school, or families to protect and defend, need to read the details for our own security.

Read the whole report here - then ponder it, and ask yourself who of your kids' friends might fit a similar profile.  Ask them who they know in school who might fit a similar profile.  Talk to your friends about their kids, and ask them the same questions.  You never know . . .

Personally, I think the whole thing sounds like an outstanding argument in favor of home schooling!



Douglas2 said...

Very disturbing, and some of that article might even be true. What has been reported is an off-the-record recollection of an off-the-record presentation, so we are too far removed to make any judgement about which bits are facts and which bits are conjecture. It conveniently confirms the suspicions of those of us who think that violent games can trigger violent acts in real life.
The article also un-ironically reports the original conference-speaker's unwillingness to use the perpetrator's name because of the Werther effect, and then plasters an overized portrait of the killer and links to several more articles covering the killer's biography and motivations.

Jay Dee said...

Anyone catch the other story on the same page?