Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Obsessive-compulsive? Or just bored?

I'm amazed at the time and effort the maker of this 'ball track' (a free translation of the German word kugelbahn) must have put into designing, building and testing it.  Just look at the number of soldered and/or brazed joints, and the angles he had to get right to keep the balls moving smoothly, and the intricate interweaving of opposing tracks!  To see them better, I recommend watching it in full-screen mode.

It's pretty amazing, though.  Full marks for dedication!



Old NFO said...

One heck of a toilet paper holder... One wonders if he worked on it while on the throne??? :-D

timbo1 said...

Can't beat german engineering!

BobF said...

Sort of reminds me of an old Pachinko machine I used to have.

Toejam said...

Part of my mother's side of the family came from germany in the 1920's. My sister inherited the German looks: Blonde hair & stout figure.

She also inherited the German tendancy to be obsessive-compulsive and uber-thorough.

I can see her building this contraption.

I, however, inherited my Irish father's love of sitting around drinking beer and B.S.ing with my pals.