Saturday, March 16, 2013

Follow-ups to some earlier articles

A couple of updates to information I posted earlier:

1.  In my recent 'Around The Blogs' article, I linked to Greylocke's post about a reported real estate scam.  Reader J. d'A. informs me that this information has been questioned by Snopes, which describes it as 'probably false' - although not certainly false.  I guess readers will just have to make up their own minds.

2.  I reported earlier that Google Reader is shutting down, and linked to a couple of lists of alternative software to replace it.  Now comes news that social news Web site Digg is developing its own replacement for Google Reader.  I think that's a pretty smart move, and should attract a lot more traffic to Digg's Web site.  If you access this blog via its RSS feed, you might want to look into Digg's offering when it becomes available.



shovel said...

Re anything "questioned by Snopes", we should always remember that Snopes is noting more than a husband and wife blogging out of their home, that Snopes has been shown to be fanatically Liberal ( with a capital L ), and that Snopes themselves once admitted that they are biased when reporting on Left-Leaning stories, and they also admitted that they do little real research.

Douglas2 said...

I haven't even paged over to Snopes, but that story set off my BS detector. It is one thing for people of dubious financial credentials to be given a mortgage. It is quite another for people of dubious financial credentials to be granted yet another mortgage for a home that is not to be owner-occupied, even at the same time as the have their domicile going through the short-sale process.
Also, the values of $100,000 owed vs $15,000 short sale aren't within the realm of anything a bank would realistically approve. It may well be that the story as told is true, and the people in the story thought that they could get both new funding, government assistance from two programs, but the likelihood all of the complexities of even the double short sales working as they expect is nil.