Monday, March 25, 2013

The 'Colorado Model': the danger spreads?

I daresay readers have heard mention of the 'Colorado model', the techniques used by activists in the Democratic Party to take control of the state government of Colorado.  They've just used that control to ram through draconian gun control legislation, in the face of enormous opposition from their constituents - opposition that they deliberately, contemptuously and defiantly ignored.  The Examiner, true to its name, examined the situation in a recent article.

It turns out that what happened in Colorado was not a spontaneous reaction to criminal violence but the consequence of a longterm, planned strategy among Democratic operatives to oust conservatives from office and replace them with leftwing extremists.

Further, it also turns out that what happened in Colorado is a blueprint for the entire country, in every state, and eventually in the halls of Congress itself.

The blueprint is known in political circles as "the Colorado model" and refers to a very different strategy than that which is normally utilized by state political parties.

A group of leftwing extremists and four liberal Democratic millionaires/billionaires collaborated to develop the new strategy that would bypass the grassroots Democratic Party machine in the state in order to think totally outside the box. The core of the new strategy is a privatized political infrastructure with the four mega-donors footing the bill. New campaign finance laws were analyzed and probed in order to find ways to make the new laws work to their favor.

The gang of four mega-donors -- Pat Stryker, Rutt Bridges, Jared Polis, and Tim Gill -- created a new political infrastructure that operated totally outside the realm of the Colorado Democratic Party. All of the functions of the Party were replicated by the new infrastructure, but more functions were added that went much further than state parties ever envisioned.

While the new private infrastructure employed the traditional tactics such as grassroots organization, leadership recruiting and building, and policy development, the four mega-donors relied heavily on 527, 501(c)(3), and 501(c)(4) organizations, each with different names and identifies but all working in complete harmony to destroy the Colorado Republican Party and any conservative coalition in the state. Television and radio ads relentlessly attacked conservatives, often with no factual basis, but by the time political operatives found out who was behind the false allegations and mounted an attempt to expose the falsehoods, the mega-donor organizations had already moved on to other issues and false charges, making it difficult if not impossible for Republicans and conservatives to keep up.

The strategy worked in the 2006 and 2008 election cycles in Colorado. Democrats took control of both houses of the state legislature and installed a Democratic governor.

With all of the major leadership offices firmly under the control of leftists, the assault on the values that most Colorado residents have held dear were systematically attacked, culminating in the latest debacle, the infamous gun control laws that were approved by the legislature and signed into law by the governor.

Many polls showed that most residents in the state clearly opposed the new laws but had them shoved down their throats by politicians who made no secret that they do not care what their constituents think. The result has been outrage. Sportsmen, hunters, and gun enthusiasts plan to bypass the state and take their business elsewhere. A major gun magazine manufacturer, Magpul, announced the day of the vote that they are leaving Colorado and taking approximately $85 million per year in revenue with them.

The longterm danger, however, lies in what is happening in other states, right under the noses of most Republicans and conservatives. The Colorado model is being used far and wide across America to replicate the Colorado coup. North Carolina is a perfect example.

A significant leak of information was noted by journalists in North Carolina that spelled out the secret strategy being employed by leftist operatives who are known under the umbrella organization called Blueprint North Carolina.

. . .

The leaked memo states that the leftwing groups will stalk and pressure Gov. McCrory "at every public event," blast him relentlessly if he fails to follow through on campaign promises, "eviscerate" the Republican leadership in order weaken their ability to govern, and hire private investigators to infiltrate the executive branch, meaning the governor's office, in order to dig up dirt that could possibly be used to smear the governor and his top leadership team.

. . .

But perhaps the most troubling revelation of all is that the tactics used by the Colorado model and Blueprint North Carolina are being replicated in other states, particularly the battleground states such as Florida.

There's more at the link, and at the links in the excerpt above.  All are important reading for anyone wanting to be informed about what's probably happening in their state, too, right now, because the 'Colorado Model' is being applied by activists across the country.

If you look at President Obama's victory organization last year, and note that it's just transformed itself into a 501(c)4 activist organization, this dovetails perfectly with the strategies of the 'Colorado model' and its adherents - work outside the existing party political system as a mass mobilization model for left-wing and progressive opinion.  Unfettered by those who've risen in the old system, whose incumbency blocks those whom they consider to be 'young upstarts' from changing things, it can be far quicker to respond and faster on its feet, so to speak, in working to elect radical activists who'll proceed to ignore what the voters really want, and implement their radical agenda instead.

If we want to have any semblance of a constitutionally recognizable United States left at all, we have to stop this.  The question is, how?  I'm not seeing much attention being paid to this by the conservative and/or constitutional 'establishment'.  Why not?



Murphy's Law said...

This will likely continue unchecked, because the media has no desire to investigate and expose this sort of thing...unless they can show that republicans are doing it,
When Dems do it, the media works to suppress the story because they are complicit.
But eventually, they will push the rest of us a bit too far. When that happens...Hopefully you'll have a nice defensible homestead and plenty of arms and supplied laid in.

Come the worst case, you and the Missus will always be welcome here.

Peter said...

Thanks for the offer. If we ever need to take you up on it, we'll bring the canine equivalent of catnip!


Jess said...

Colorado has a huge tourist, skiing and hunting economy. Anyone that disagrees with the "Colorado Model" should refuse to participate.

I know this will hurt some that live in the state and disagree, but they live with the progressive bastards that are part of this ignoring of the Second Amendment. I hope they show their displeasure and make those responsible miserable. They can start by refusing to do business with anyone they know is involved.

Donald Sensing said...

Peter, the sun is setting on American liberty much faster than we think. My personal opinion is that we're done for.

Back in the 80s, Tip O'Neill said that the Democrat party was so factionalized that if we had a parliamentary system it would be five different parties.

Today the Democrat party is highly unified, highly organized and highly disciplined. They are going to prevail because they are absolutely united in doing so and will be entirely ruthless to do so.

Since the end of the Reagan administration, the party's leaders have successfully gotten rid of the independent thinkers. The unified default position of the party today is Marxist.

On the other hand, the Republican party is disunited, disorganized and not at all disciplined. And it is not well funded compared to the Democrats. It is the Republican party that today would be five (well a dozen) different parties under a parliamentary system.

The conservative movements (such as they are) in the country are instead each mainly single-issue focused, and those single issues don't match from one branch to another. In fact, ideological purity is their main concern, unlike the Dems who, having long settled that question, are focused on only one thing, destruction of the Republican party. In this they are receiving the Republicans' full cooperation, mainly because the state of the Republican party is this.

Each of the conservative (so called) wings of the Republicans think they each alone know the magic bullet to slay the Leftist dragon and they allo stupidly believe they are only one election away from saving the country.

They have ommisively let the Left come to dominate the schools, the courts, the media, the organs of government, especially major departments' staff, and the churches. Despite this, conservatives (such as they are) love to tell each other that America is still mainly a center-right country. This is the vainest, most idiotic thing they do. They refuse to comprehend that they default positions of the majority of voters, especially of the under 35 cohort, is decidedly and overwhelmingly Liberal-Left.

Sorry, Peter. It's over.

NotClauswitz said...

Well that's a real drag, especially here in California. No place to move-to then, might as well surf in Hawaii on the last breaking wave...

Anonymous said...

To be fair, it won't take a sooper sekret strategy to return NC to the control of the democrats. It has traditionally been a democratic state at the state government level, even despite the years and years and years of corruption. It's only this past election that republicans took control of both houses and the governorship, and boy are they abusing that control. They're acting like petulant whiny children who have been bullied their entire lives and have suddenly found a child weaker than them. Rather than behave and try and change things for good, they're instead spending every ounce of political capital they have on the most inane crap they can think of. Hardly acting as a party of limited governance, they're rather behaving as the party of corruption and religious backed authoritarianism.

And there lies the true problem. Not some plot by the democrats to take over our government, but that our government is so corrupted, so sick to the core that there are no more good people left. By their very nature, good people will refuse to associate with known corruption and criminals. For a good person to participate in our governments would require constant association with known criminals and corruptions. As such, almost all good people have been run out of government, and the ones that remain are ostracized and powerless. On a social level, those who favor smaller government and less corruption are also the most likely to want to be left alone and leave others alone, and therefore as the corruption spreads through society, they will cut themselves off.

firedigger said...

There is a book entitled "The Blueprint" written by Rob Witwer, a former Colorado legislator, and Adam Schrager, a television reporter. It lays out exactly how "The Gang of Four," Pat Stryker et al took over Colorado politics. I highly recommend it.