Monday, March 18, 2013

Doofus Of The Day #685

Courtesy of Australian reader Snoggeramus, today's award goes to an Italian motorist.  One morning last week he registered a brand-new Ferrari F458 Italia, then got into it and drove away . . . briefly.  This is what happened.

Oops! And on the very first day he owned it, too!



joe said...

I doubt the claim that it was an Italian motorist: they used their turn signal to merge.

Old NFO said...

Yep, POWER has it's on issues in the wet, and I'm betting the traction control was OFF!

Anonymous said...

OK, I'm a pilot-type gear head, not a car-type gear head, so this may be a stupid question. Is it "see my super sports car!" kicking in that causes so many of these wrecks, or is it a difference in how the car handles, or both?


Cameron said...

LittleRed1, I think it's a combination of wanting to show off and being unfamiliar with the car's handling. Kind of like the people who think SUVs render them immune to physics during winter storms.

Anonymous said...

An everyday occurance in the UAE.


Murphy's Law said...

I'd hate to be the insurance agent who sold him that policy. His first check probably hasn't even cleared yet.

The Raving Prophet said...

I was talking to my local Chrysler dealer a while back about the Viper in the showroom. He said a surprising number of buyers manage to wreck the things on the drive home.

LittleRed1, much of it is the completely different nature of beasts like that. There's massive amounts of power and capability in the high performance supercars. It's incredibly easy to get the rear end to step out (less so if you have traction and stability control on, but I'm guessing that guy shut it off). You want to see what the new toy will do, but its capabilities are likely to exceed your own skill level.

Put someone who has only known a Cessna 150 into an F-16 and you'll likely see much the same kind of disaster. Stuff happens faster when you add a ton of power. You can do more with a machine like that, but you can also wreck it that much faster.