Monday, March 11, 2013

Slight change in posting habits

Until now I've generally posted several articles at one time, formerly early in the morning, latterly late in the evening.  This is becoming problematic, because sometimes I'm too busy with editing and other writing jobs to give this blog the attention it deserves (and that you, my loyal readers, have come to expect).  Therefore, I'm going to alter my approach.

I'll probably post an article or two during the evening, and one or two in the early morning, plus another one or two during the day as and when I have time.  That'll allow me to use a few moments of free time to compose a blog article, without having to extend it into a full one- to two-hour blogging session.  I hope this approach will also give me more uninterrupted time to do research for in-depth blog articles such as my Weekend Wings and Weekend Warships series.

(On the subject of Weekend Wings, I'm planning a series of articles on America's leading heavy bombers of World War II:  the B-17 Flying Fortress and the B-24 Liberator, followed by the B-29 Superfortress later in the war.  I'm approaching them not on the basis of their respective war records, but looking at how they changed the nature of air warfare - advanced the art and science of heavy bomber construction, and caused strategy and tactics to be altered to take advantage of their attributes.  I hope the series will highlight their respective contributions.  Further articles will examine Britain's heavy bombers - the Short Stirling, Handley Page Halifax and the world-famous Avro Lancaster - and illustrate how they embodied a very different strategic vision and tactical approach.)

I'm also going to adopt a different approach to my occasional 'Around The Blogs' series.  Instead of waiting for a few weeks, then consolidating many articles I've read on other blogs into a lengthy list that takes me a couple of hours to compile and link, I'll try to put up one or two short 'Around The Blogs' articles every week.  That'll allow me to put up half a dozen links, or thereabouts, which I can do quickly, without having to archive long lists of them.

I hope you'll enjoy the slight change in approach.  My books are now in final editing stage, and publication is likely during the second quarter of this year.  Watch this space for details!



LL said...

Sometimes it helps if you click the "Schedule" button on your right when you're composing the blog and decide when you want them to pop up, avoiding the block postings. Just an idea

Toejam said...

Do whatever is most convienent and makes your life a little easier.

Your site is a masterpiece of a true artist sir.

Please keep up the great work, I look forward every day to the articles but don't get stressed.

This message posted by a man who is on 1 Beta blocker, 2-Ace inhibitors, Lipitor and a healthy dose of Clonazepam daily, so when it comes to the bad effects of stress I know what I'm talking about.

Anonymous said...

I read your blog quite often. I enjoy your perspective on many things, especially for the economic news roundups. It's one of the best flavors of free ice cream out there, please don't feel stressed to push content.

Old NFO said...

Do what ever works Peter... We'll be here!

Anonymous said...


Looking forward to more Weekend Wings!

- Don in Oregon

Joe in PNG said...

Weekend Warships? Too sweet.