Sunday, March 10, 2013

Rescuing chimpanzees

This remarkable video report shows laboratory chimpanzees who've been 'retired' to a new facility in Louisiana.  Many of them have never known life outside concrete floors and walls, or wire and steel-barred cages.  To see them suddenly realize there are no bars, and there's grass underfoot instead of concrete, is almost heartbreaking.

You can read more about the chimps and their new sanctuary here.  I'm neither an environmentalist nor an animal-rights campaigner, but this touched me, particularly having seen chimps in the wild in
West Africa.


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Mad Jack said...

Whatever. Chimps are extremely dangerous, and the jeezely public thinks they're cute which compounds the danger for everyone - so what if a chimp gets loose? It's a harmless chimpanzee! Don't you ever watch Disney?

Me, I wouldn't want to live anywhere near this place.