Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Migraine treatment under Obamacare?

That's the title of the video, anyway.  Having witnessed the (largely fruitless) efforts of friends afflicted with migraines to find medication that relieves their pain, who knows?  This seems to work just as well!



Auntie J said...

When it comes to my migraines, I usually find a combination of therapies works best: I take the good drugs before it reaches critical-level full-blown migraine, I try to avoid triggers, I try to keep hydrated (there's some evidence to suggest that being dehydrated makes the migraine worse by causing further constriction to the blood vessels), and I retreat to sleep. I try to keep up on the med schedule as much as is possible, but it seems the rest/avoid/hydrate/medicate combo works best.

Of course, with three young kids, you can guess how often I can make that work. ;)

Cat said...

I've had great success with the migraine treatments prescribed to me at the Mayo Clinic. I believe that the upside to the Obamacare debacle is that medical care will split into a two-tiered system, where those of us willing to pay for it will get decent quality medical. It will be affordable for more people than you think because the doctors who will take us won't have to spend the staff time and money on insurance reimbursement.

skidmark said...

Sounds more like someone trying to give up tobacco. Instead of the old technique of stuffing them in a locker and making them speed-smoke a full pack of cigaretts, give them an example of what you will do if you catch them smoking again.

If it was a migraine cure, the slapping guy would be hitting any part of the body except the head. (The old "Your X hurting bothers you? Let me smash Y with a hammer - then tell me if your X hurting still bothers you." It works 100% of the time I offer to treat folks - some een have miraculous cures/remission right on the spot.

stay safe.

Mikael said...

Massages can help with headaches(not necessarily migraines), particularly they help tension headaches. Massage neck/shoulders. There's a few other trigger points that seem to work as well(massaging the toes for example).