Friday, March 8, 2013

This looks like lots of fun

I was amused and entertained by this video clip about fun-seeking young men who run a sort of 'go-kart on train wheels' on an old railroad track in California.

The only downside I could think of is, what happens if a train comes along at the wrong moment?  I presume they only do this on older, disused railway lines . . . but what if they pick one that's still used now and again?  The thought reminds me of the old Road Runner cartoons, where Wile E. Coyote has (usually disastrous) encounters with all sorts of trains - like this one.



Old NFO said...

Ummm, okay... A bit strange, but looks like 'fun' in a way!

Mad Jack said...

They're using a hand car on an abandoned track. Other individuals have been known to build an elaborate hand car and go exploring, which is tons of fun until you're motoring along and come upon an immense modern diesel locomotive idling on the track right in front of you.

Whoops! Time to go.

Anonymous said...

Rail-mounted carts of that sort are a popular form of transportation in Cambodia. They transport passengers and small amounts of freight for a fee. If two carts approach each other, the protocol is for the operator and passengers of the more lightly loaded cart to lift it off the track for the heavier one to pass.


trailbee said...

Did you see the big rock further down the track? The entire set up could be used in a movie set.

TimD said...

Buster Keaton did it better

Anonymous said...

Since you were interested in this, you may enjoy doing a google search on railroad speeder.