Friday, March 8, 2013

Doofus Of The Day #681

Today's award goes to the police in Leicester, England.  The BBC reports:

Hundreds of pom-poms and knitted items have been strung from trees and lampposts to help reduce the fear of crime in an area of Leicester.

Leicestershire Police hope the "guerilla knitting" or "yarn bombing" will encourage more people to use Bede Park and Great Central Way.

Some of the park's users told BBC Radio Leicester the items - including tree warmers - do not make them feel safer.

But criminologist Charlotte Bilby said they could have a positive effect.

Ms Bilby, a senior lecturer in criminology at Northumbria University, said: "I think that making an area look cosier certainly makes an area feel safer."

. . .

Sgt Simon Barnes said: "I am really hopeful that the actions will reduce the fear of becoming a victim of crime, as the perception really is much different to the actual reported levels of crime."

There's more at the link.

So, Sergeant Barnes:  you admit that 'the perception ... is much different to the actual ... levels of crime', but you go ahead anyway with trying to change the perception, rather than the crime level?  I can't imagine a more cretinously stupid crime-fighting idea!  It deserves not only our Doofus award, but one for a special level of police absurdity!



Will Brown said...

Rare for you Peter, you passed right over the operative word in the good sergeants statement: "reported".

By manipulating the public's perception of crime to more closely approach the grossly manipulated crime reporting figures, the police apparently hope to reduce the likelihood of some subject revving up their Member of Parliament into taking umbrage in the House over the police budget or some other perceived - there's that word again - dereliction on their part.

It's all about manipulating the perceptions and little-if-any to do with perpetrators per se.

Old NFO said...

And this is going to help HOW???

Will Brown said...

The crime report is what the next budget request is based upon NFO (you're not that much older than me). You know you can't run any kind of government operation without a budget.

Oh; wait ...

MSgt B said...

I need knitted furniture for my AR-15 style rifle.
Maybe people won't want to take it away from me if it looks cuddly.

Toejam said...

HAH! Great statement MSgt B,

I'll ask my 90 year old momma if she can knit you a nice bright red woolie warmer for your Trijicon optical sight.

Yea the Limey coppers can keep their knitted leg-warmers.

I go with my Springfield Armory XD-40.

Emily S. said...

Are... you... serious...

Having a hard time grasping that this isn't an Onion article. Of all the stupid, useless ideas. Hard for me to even imagine how they came up with that.

Anonymous said...

Hiya Peter,
I saw this too, and... Just...
I wanted my time and headspace back after reading it. Mindless crazytalk!
I know you have experienced truly crazy folk in your past work- me too. Thus, whoever(multiple ppl!) thought this up,funded it, and enacted it, they need looking after... Insane!
I know, preaching to choir..)
Take care,

Kit said...

It could work. I'd feel embarassed to mug someone next to a tree wearing a sweater.

How did modern society become so soft and silly? I mean, it's great that we are so generally safe and comfortable, but what's with the vast stupidity?

Mikael said...

It'll make the crimninals feel completely secure in the knowledge that this is an area where they will meet little to no resistance.