Thursday, March 14, 2013

'Top Gun' - the Korean version

I'm sure many readers of this blog remember the 1980's movie 'Top Gun'.  It was an appalling entertaining misrepresentation dramatization of US Naval flight operations, but and hugely successful at the box office.  Here's its trailer.

A couple of years ago a Korean film-maker decided to do it again, this time using CGI imagery and all sorts of computerized special effects that weren't available back in the 1980's.  Here's the trailer.

Er . . . OK, I guess!

I note that 'Rain', the star of the Korean movie, went into the military as soon as it finished shooting, to commence his period of conscription.  I wonder what sort of reception he got after showing off like that on screen?  He wouldn't have had an easy ride in the sort of units with which I served, a few decades ago . . .



Toejam said...

I was expecting to see Godzilla reach up and slap down one of those planes in the 2nd flick.

OOP's......Wrong country!

Mark said...

You had it correct by calling it entertainment. I go into theaters with that understanding, and never worry how they "got it wrong." It' not a documentary. Just a night out to say, "Wow! That was cool! Pass the popcorn!"