Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Boys and their watery toys!

This video shows the 'Rider Of The Year II' awards, as voted by the winners' fellow kayakers. It has some pretty amazing footage. Enjoy!

Some of those are what I'd call having more courage than sense . . .



raven said...

The wingsuit flyers look like a bunch of staid businessmen compared to these loony tunes!
I used up three of my lives in the water- have great respect for it.

Old NFO said...

Yep, nuts... and they will ALL have back problems before long... drops like that are NOT good in a sitting position!

AndrewC said...

Whitewater kayaker here, figured I'd chip in my 2 cents.

There are definitely risks involved in kayaking, and running big waterfalls is a fringe of the sport. But it's worth pointing out that everyone in the video - including the final carnage reel - are doing fine and still kayaking!

Kayakers have also developed techniques to avoid spinal compression coming off large drops, like tucking forward before impact and entering the water at a steep angle. The forces involved are also lower than you may expect, due to the aeration of the water at the base of the waterfall. I know very few kayakers with back problems. Most of us have shoulder problems instead! :P

That said, I have no interest in running drops of that size. As height increases, the consequences of error increases. My philosophy of kayaking is better represented by this video: Seasons: Fall