Thursday, April 26, 2012

Historical accidents

Via an e-mail from reader Kurt M., I was led to a Greek blog, the title of which appears to be 'XSEFoto'.  It has an interesting article with lots of photographs of accidents that have occurred over the past century or so to cars, trains, ships and aircraft.  (The link is to a translated version of the article.)  I was particularly interested in those involving ships, like these two:

Princess May aground in the Lynn Canal, Alaska, August 1910

USS Lafayette (formerly SS Normandie) capsized in New York harbor, February 1942

There are many more (and larger) images at the link - click on each thumbnail to enlarge it.  Interesting and recommended reading.



DaddyBear said...

Didn't the Normandie catch fire and capsize because of sabotage and not a mistake?

Peter said...

The inquiry could never determine whether sabotage was a factor. One worker's mistake with a welding torch was identified - see the linked Wikipedia article for more information.