Sunday, April 8, 2012

Is this off-roading, or a weird form of boating?

Here's a video clip showing a unique way to cross a flooded river.

The vehicle clearly has either front- or four-wheel-drive, so that even when the rear floats, the front wheels can still move it; and the air intake is raised to roof height, which prevents the engine from cutting out. Even so, that was a pretty risky maneuver. If the water had been just a bit higher, vehicle and occupants would have been swept downstream . . . and who knows what might have happened then?

Still, the boys seem to have enjoyed themselves. I'm surprised they didn't begin by shouting out of the window, "Hey - hold my beer and watch this!"



Radagast said...

It's a four wheel drive Toyota Landcruiser. New South Wales number plates. It's probably not a flooded river, more likely a known location.*
Off roading like that is a fairly popular game here in OZ, note they have a partner vehicle in case of trouble.

Every few years a few people drown themselves trying to ford rivers during floods. Usually these are people without a clue.

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Old NFO said...

Nicely done, and typical Aussies :-)

skidmark said...

Rear wheel, front wheel, 4-wheel has nothing to do with the propeller at the back moving the Land Rover through the water. And it's reversable - although why anybody would want to go back unless they dropped a beer is beyond me.

I'm guessing that the front wheels act as a rudder.

stay safe.

Noons said...

It's even funnier when it's done in a vehicle without a snorkel.
Although that necessitates a heavy plastic tarp over the entire front of the vehicle and enough speed to make and maintain a "bow-wave".
Quite common with the 4wd club fraternity around here.
Mind you: the diffs need complete oil change after a stunt like this or they end up seizing shortly after...