Thursday, September 16, 2010

Doofus Of The Day #391

Today's winner is from South Carolina.

It seems a woman and her partner were lying in bed. She was eating pig's feet at the time. (Hot to trot-ter, perhaps?) Anyway, she was apparently using a knife to dig out the best parts (!), and accidentally cut her partner's arm. Police are investigating, but have made no arrests thus far.

First of all, if one has to eat in bed, I can't imagine why pig's trotters would be on the menu. They somehow don't strike me as a suitable bedtime snack (although perhaps I lack a certain redneck je ne sais quoi in that line). I'd have thought that the only part of a pig that belongs in bed is the squeal!

Second, if she was trying to cut a pig's trotter, how the heck did her partner's arm get in the line of fire? Is arm-wrestling for the trotter an established sport while in bed in South Carolina?

Answers on a postcard, please, to anyone except me . . . or let us know in Comments.



Stranger said...

They are an acquired taste for those not introduced to them in infancy. Much like jellied eels or haggis.

After you get used to pickled pork they are not bad at all.

Shell said...

*Ghetto* je ne sais quoi was the term you were looking for, Peter. Black people eat pigs feet a lot more than white people so if you're going to jone on a people, that's who to point your remark at.