Thursday, September 23, 2010

Some remarkable photographs

The annual Environmental Photographer of the Year competition has just concluded, and a number of the winning images have been published in the Telegraph. Here are three to whet your appetite.

The overall winner was Florian Schulz of Germany with this image, taken off the coast of Baja California, Mexico, which he calls 'Flight Of The Rays'. It's a school of Munkiana Devil Rays, all heading in the same direction. Why they had assembled, or where they were going, isn't known.

(Click this image for a larger view)

Here's Radoslav Valkov's picture of a fly drinking from a dewdrop.

And here's a hummingbird confronting a green pit viper, photographed by Bence Mate.

I can only publish a few of the images here without violating 'fair use' copyright provisions; but there are many more photographs at the link. Highly recommended viewing.



gebiv said...

Um... not to nit-pick, but I think that's a fly, not an ant drinking the dew drop.

But I'm sure it's early and you haven't had all your coffee yet.


Peter said...

Thanks, Gebiv. I fixed it.

LabRat said...

I may be a little bit too far into the tattoo mania when my first thought upon seeing the hummingbird and viper was that I want to put that on my forearm.