Saturday, September 25, 2010

The perils of processed pet food

I've known for some time that there's a growing movement to reject prepared, pre-processed pet foods, which are being blamed for a great many illnesses and deficiencies in pet health. Trouble is, there's a great deal of rhetoric and not much empirical evidence in the debate. It's hard to make an informed choice when verifiable, objective fact is hard to come by.

However, an article in the Daily Mail sheds some light on why this may be the case. The author points out that pet food manufacturers have secured the right to provide input to veterinary training, which directly influences those trusted by pet owners to give them the right information. There's a lot of other detail as well, certainly enough to give me pause for thought.

If you own a pet - not just a dog, but any pet - I highly recommend reading the entire article. Food for thought indeed!



John Peddie (Toronto) said...

Mother Nature was keeping those animals alive for aeons, fed on natural food.

No manufactured food was needed.

Same thing with people.

Does this give us a hint?

Anonymous said...

If one reads (or listens to) the information put out by most veterinarians and dog food companies you'd think that you needed a doctorate in animal nutrition to prepare a home-made diet adequate to serve your pets' needs.

Strangely I do not need that level of education to feed myself or my family.

I've been feeding my dogs and chickens a home made diet for years and they all seem to be surviving quite well, thank you.