Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Larry's new book is out!

Regular readers will be familiar with Larry Correia and his first novel, Monster Hunter International, about which I've written here in the past. Well, the sequel, Monster Hunter Vendetta, is now available - and it's even better than the first volume, in my opinion. I mean, how can you not like a hero whose life is threatened because a poorly-coordinated Government agent clobbered an Old One in a different dimension with a badly-aimed nuclear device launched in this one? And said Old One just happened to get the impression that our hero was to blame for the irritation caused to his sensitive skin by kiloton-range damage, and has therefore demanded that his minions in our dimension deliver said hero into his hands for suitable and condign punishment?

The possibilities for mischief, mayhem and sheer bloody-mindedness are immense, and Larry takes full advantage of them, heavily seasoned by his real expertise with weapons, his awful abysmal quirky delightful sense of humor, and the input from his team of commenters, reviewers and editors (of whom I'm honored to be one - that way I get to read the books before you do!). If you'd like to know more, Larry did an interview with Elitist Book Reviews about his new book, which will give you additional background information.

Seriously, Monster Hunter Vendetta is a great read. You can find it at Amazon or Barnes & Noble (click either link), or at your local bookstore (and if they don't have it, be sure to pound on the desk and demand to know, "Why not?!?!?").

Highly recommended - and no, Larry doesn't pay me any commission or give me free copies for recommending it. He's just a damn good writer whom I'm delighted to call my friend.

(A double, thanks, Larry - and yes, I'll have a cherry in it, please . . . )


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