Saturday, September 25, 2010

Play me again, Sam!

It seems that we now have an interesting alternative method to dispose of our ashes after cremation. Discovery News reports:

Andvinyly, a UK-based outfit, has this offer: after you die, you can have some of your cremated ashes pressed into a vinyl record. (A tagline on their website says, "Pressed for Time.")

There are many different packages available. You can choose your own music, or none at all. You could even put the audio from your very best Powerpoint presentation. Think of the possibilities!

There's more at the link. Andvinyly says on their Web site:

When the album that is life finally reaches the end wouldn't it be nice to keep that record spinning for eternity? We offer you the chance to press your ashes in a vinyl recording your loved ones will cherish for generations.

Record a personal message, your last will and testament, your own soundtrack or simply press your ashes to hear your pops & crackles for the minimal approach.

I can see all sorts of possibilities here . . . not all of them welcome. I'm sure my mother would have loved to leave me a recording of her ashes nagging me to wash the dishes or change my socks! I suspect there'll have to be some negotiation as to the content of the messages from the grave before survivors will consent to keep them around, instead of using them as frisbees or clay pigeons for target practice!



Anonymous said...

Reminds me of a book character. In Steel Tiger, protagonist John Locke meets up with a police inspector in the South Pacific. That inspector's wife had died, but Locke hears the inspector speaking to her, and the woman responding. Turns out they had recorded conversations before she died of cancer, and now he can still speak with her.

Fun series of books, by the way.

Silver the Evil Chao said...

I would totally love to do that. >.>;; Music is a big part of my life, so it would be great symbolism to have my ashes pressed into a record that plays music I loved to listen to...