Saturday, January 21, 2012

100 years in 10 minutes

This video clip assembles brief vignettes of the major events of the past 100 years, compressing them into 10 minutes.

There's some nasty stuff in there. I hope the next 100 years are better - but given humanity's track record, I won't hold my breath . . .



Old NFO said...

That is well done, and I agree, not holding my breath over here either!

Anonymous said...

Well that sure was depressing I fear for my children.

Anonymous said...

90+% of the significant events are in some way connected to war. Most of the rest are natural disasters. Only a few are acts of innovation.
What was that music?

Peter said...

I'm informed that the music is:

Track 1: Hans Zimmer - Dark Knight - End Credits
Track 2: Hans Zimmer - Inception - The Dream Is Collapsing
Track 3: Hans Zimmer - Last Samurai - Final Charge
Track 4: Hans Zimmer - PoC Am Ende der Welt - One Day

Plastic Cows said...

Well, they scattered a few good things amongst the violence. All a matter of concentration; they could have chosen more of the good and fewer bad.