Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The 'modern Viking' is at it again . . .

We've met controversial 'explorer' Jarle Andhøy in these pages before. He led an (illegal, unauthorized) expedition to Antarctica last year, in which his support vessel, the yacht Berserk, was lost with all hands. He was heavily criticized at the time for failing to arrange the necessary permissions and follow normal safety precautions.

It seems he's at it again. Not only is he mounting another illegal expedition to Antarctica, he's violated New Zealand immigration law; and, to add insult to injury, in his flight from the authorities there, he appears to have kidnapped a marine worker as well! The New Zealand Herald reports:

A New Zealander is understood to have become an unplanned crew member on a yacht bound for Antarctica being skippered by a Norwegian adventurer.

The man, who does not have a passport with him, had been doing some work on the boat when it left New Zealand in a hurry after being told to go by immigration authorities, Norwegian public broadcasting company NRK reported.

Skipper Jarle Andhoey told NRK he and other crew members later discovered the Kiwi onboard the 16m yacht Nilaya after its rushed departure from Auckland.

When he entered New Zealand Mr Andhoey had failed to declare he had previously been deported from Canada.

. . .

Mr Andhoey has said he planned to sail to McMurdo Sound to find out what happened to his three crew who died when their yacht Berserk sank last year.

Customs officials spotted the yacht in international waters on Thursday night and made numerous attempts to hail it but there was no response.

There's more at the link.

This dumbass seems to be the kind of 'adventurer' who gives other, genuine adventurers a bad name. The small Royal New Zealand Navy will probably try to intercept his yacht, but they may not have ships nearby. Even if they manage to locate it, I doubt that Mr. Andhøy will co-operate, or come quietly if they try to arrest him and free his 'captive'. He appears to be willing to defy all authorities, violate every law and regulation in the book, and disregard all safety precautions, in order to get his own way. I think this latest incident confirms all the criticism heaped upon him for his previous antics. He's clearly a 'loose cannon' of the most unpredictable and volatile kind.

One can only hope that the hapless workman will be safely released in due course, and that Mr. Andhøy will be locked up for a sufficiently long period to teach him the error of his ways.



Anonymous said...
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Peter said...

Interesting. I've had several negative comments about this article. All of them that I bothered to check via Sitemeter came from Norwegian ISP's, usually after a search for the name of 'Jarle Andhøy'. Some commenters merely said I didn't know what I was talking about, but one actually became threatening. All were anonymous, of course. I guess Mr. Andhøy has friends in Norway who are as misguided and troublesome as he is himself!

DaddyBear said...

Yeah, you gotta watch us Scandihoovians.

FrankC said...

"Berserk, was lost with all hands." Not quite, he survived. How strange, given that antarctic waters are not user friendly.

joe said...

I think it said that it was a support vessel, so our hero may not have been aboard.