Friday, January 20, 2012

A very lucky escape!

I was struck by the drama of this rescue effort in California, which succeeded thanks to the help of a passing team of US Navy Seabees.

Way to go, Navy - and an 'attaboy!' to the Seabees for continuing the 'can-do' tradition of their illustrious unit.



Carteach said...

Forwarding this to a fellow teacher who's a former Seabee.

Anonymous said...

You just CANNOT imagine the EMBARRASSMENT! Right outside of Hollywood on legendary Highway 101, and the SEABEES come to the rescue, NOT THE US CAVALRY! Imagine my embarrassment! Oh well, maybe the Cav was deployed.
Who notes it sounds like a good excuse anyway.

Old NFO said...

That one qualifies for a Well Done! :-)

SiGraybeard said...

I've seen this story on TV a dozen times, and I don't think one of them picked up the fact that it was a passing team of SeaBees that made the difference.

STxRynn said...

Bravo Zulu Navy!!