Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What happens when managers become Occupiers?

According to Robert Shrimsley, writing (tongue-in-cheek) in the Financial Times, they plan to do just that - by means of an 'Occupy Davos' demonstration!

Our occupation will begin shortly before the actual conference starts. Accommodation is a bit of an issue as the chalets are booked up well in advance and in any case are really pricey, but we have a team of Inuits ready to build an igloo city for us outside the Schatzalp and we will be badgering delegates as they totter around in the snow looking for the next event. Volunteers are still needed to man the 24-hour Glühwein kitchen and to hand out glow sticks. And once the protest is over everyone will be invited to join each other’s LinkedIn network.

Our goals are also more nuanced. We don’t want to bring down the capitalist system or even necessarily curb executive pay. We’d just like to bump into Klaus Schwab at the coat-check or sit next to someone who might make us the next chief executive of Anglo American.

We will insist our demands are heard, preferably at the fine-wine tasting or maybe one of the cultural events that no one goes to. We do not accept that those inside the centre have a monopoly of ideas; we have them too and we also want to share them with a Brazilian commerce minister or the head of any Fortune 500 company.

There's more at the link. It's nice to see that even so august an institution as the Financial Times can crack a smile now and again!


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