Friday, January 13, 2012

Now that's a creative crow!

Here's a video clip that shows the intelligence of crows in a new light. This one took what looks like a large bottle or can lid, and turned it into a rooftop toboggan!

That's a pretty impressive demonstration of tool use, even in a playful way, wouldn't you say?



Glenn B said...

First crow that I have ever seen that was gray and black. Then again, first one I ever saw do something like it did!

SiGraybeard said...

That is really amazing. It seemed to be pecking at it when it wouldn't move as if it were thinking "What's wrong with this thing? Why won't it go?"

I saw show on one of the nature channels years ago, about a British bird called a tit (I think) where they had a bird feeder full of peanuts that they would get the nuts out of. They kept making the task harder and the birds kept figuring it out.

Different in fundamental ways, I know, but it forever changed the way I think of "bird brained".

Old NFO said...

Not stupid at all... :-)

Roy said...

I once had a problem with what I thought was a dog or raccoon getting into my garbage can. It would only happen when the can was set out the night before for pickup the next morning. About half the time I would have to reset the can and pickup scattered trash before leaving for work.

Well, one early morning we caught the critter in the act. It was a crow about the size of a chicken. That bird figured out how to use its wings while gripping the edge of the can lid to overturn the can. It then used its beak to pry the lid open thus gaining access to the treats inside.

Smart bird.

Double ought buckshot was the solution.

Nah - just kidding. It's a residential area, so the shotgun option wasn't available. Setting the garbage can in a small cart so it couldn't be easily knocked over was the real solution. It made it easier to roll the can up to the street as well.