Saturday, October 22, 2011

Carnage from the past

I've put up video clips of rally crashes and other motorsport 'Oops!' moments before now . . . but this footage of car races of yesteryear had me flinching from the start. Those were the days when drivers didn't wear seatbelts or have safety 'cages', because it was believed to be safer to be flung clear of the car than trapped inside it. Tragically, either option was likely to prove highly dangerous to a driver's health in those days . . . as you'll see in the video clip below.

Say what you like about safety Nazis, at least modern race drivers are a lot better protected than their counterparts of old used to be!



TheAxe said...

"Always remember in a high speed crash your bones don't break.... No no no, they shatter." ~John Candy in Cool Runnings

Old NFO said...

Axe is right, but for a lot of those guys it made NO difference... And yes, right or wrong, today's safety requirements HAVE kept many drivers alive.

FrankC said...

But it was carnage like that which brought in the safety rules, eventually.