Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It shouldn't work so often, but it does!

I've heard of the 'Wrong Ball' trick before, and I remember seeing this video clip from five years ago in which it worked very well.

I'd expected that once it was known, it would never work again. After all, one can't imagine coaches not knowing about it once it was out there! Nevertheless, twice within a year from the date of the first video, it worked again.

There are several other clips on YouTube of the same trick being used, some successful, others not. I guess some coaches just don't keep their ears to the ground!



Old NFO said...

I guess they think it'll never be used on them...

Anonymous said...

Maybe Fresno State could use this play to at least get more than one touch down during a game.
and still the coach would not have to pass it to anyone.