Thursday, October 13, 2011

Remember, it's the end of the world next week!

Readers will doubtless remember the (demonstrably false) prophecies of Harold Camping, who taught that God was going to end the world last May. (We discussed it at the time.) You'll also remember that a few days later, he came up with a new theory.

‘I can tell you when May 21 came and went it was a very difficult time for me - a very difficult time. I was truly wondering what is going on. In my mind I went back through all of the promises God had made. What in the world was happening? I really was praying and praying: "Lord, what happened" because all through this I’d been astounded how God opened door after door.

‘It was marvellous how everything was going until May 21 came. I stayed away from home for one night because the pressure from that phone ringing and people knocking on my door for an interview was more than I could stand. So my wife and I went to a motel and spent the night there.’

He continued: ‘We were convinced that on May 21 God would return here in a very physical way by bringing a great earthquake and ushering in the final five months of the day of judgement and the fact is when we look at it spiritually, we find he did come.

‘We’ve already been talking about the end of the world being October 21 2011 but we have not emphasised that because the beginning of it was the fact that we’d see all these things happening (over the five months).’

He explained by saying he'd received a letter from a 'listener' who offered a very interesting theory he wanted to read.

He quoted: 'The great earthquake and rapture and the universe melting in fervent heat will be happening on the last day - October 21 2011.

'It’s all going to happen on the last day.

'The great earthquake didn’t happen on May 21 because no-one will be able to survive it for more than a few days or let alone five months to suffer God’s wrath because everything will be levelled and destroyed after that earthquake and there will be no food or water to keep everyone alive.’

. . .

‘On May 21 2011 at that time again judgement and salvation is in view. The fact is on May 21 1988 judgement came upon the churches. On September 7 1994 the judgement continued on the churches, but in the world God lifted that and salvation began again outside the churches.

‘On May 21 2011 we didn’t feel or see any difference in the world but we know from the Bible that God brought judgement day to bear on the whole world - and it will continue right up until October 21 2011 when the whole world will be destroyed.

‘We’re not going to be passing any more tracts or put up any more billboards or advertising in any way about judgement day - that’s all done. The world has been warned - we did our little share and boy, did the media pick it up. Now the world has been told that it’s under judgement.

‘The finish five months from now - we’re not changing the date, we’re just learning we have to look at this more spiritually. The Bible clearly teaches on October 21 that the world will be destroyed, but it will be very quick. When you study the Bible, you’re always learning. We had all of our dates correct.’

There's more at the link.

Well, there you have it, folks. If you (and I) have been good, I'll meet you on Cloud 9 in ten days or so. If I'm not there, or you're not there, I guess that'll prove one or both of us has been naughty somewhere down the line. Either that, or the latest prophets of doom will have been demonstrated to be, like their predecessors, nuttier than the average fruitcake.

Yours rapturously,



Anonymous said...

Well crap. I just bought tickets for Mannheim Steamroller for a December concert here in mexifornia.
Well, this just blows.

Stranger said...

The Book still says "No man knows the day or the hour." So Camping and the rest like him are still self deluded.

The Time will come when it comes. Then, as the words Fitzgerald put in the tent makers mouth have it:

"The moving finger writes, and all your piety and wit cannot call it back for a half a line."


Anonymous said...

At least he and the Elinin wackos will be able to commiserate.