Sunday, October 23, 2011

A prayer for mercy

After my post below, about the latest scandal to strike the Catholic Church, I simply can't find it in myself to be light-hearted tonight. The weight of this news is very heavy on my soul. I feel the need to pray for all those involved, the victims and the perpetrators, and the Church which has been so deeply wounded through these sins.

St. Augustine famously said (in so many words) that "he who sings, prays twice". In that spirit, I offer this recording of Allegri's Miserere (Psalm 51). The text may be found here, first in Latin, then in English translation. It's certainly my prayer for the Church tonight, and for myself, both in song and in spirit.

May God have mercy on us indeed.


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Peter said...

Due to a very unwelcome influx of partisan comments, both pro- and anti-Catholic, I'm closing this post and the one below to further comments. I welcome polite, civilized comments, but not rants about one's pet peeves, theories or beliefs, particularly those that insult and denigrate those with different opinions.