Monday, October 24, 2011

The real reason we have a government problem?

Via Melody Byrne, we find this explanation.

That does rather put it in a nutshell, doesn't it?

Speaking of problems with government, Cobb has a suggestion for the Occupy Wall Street protesters.



Old NFO said...

Both are very true :-)

PapaMAS said...

Very funny, because it is true! The problem is the OWS protestors have decided what is wrong and only then started to look for justifications. Pointing out their flawed thinking will have no effect on them. It may help others, though, and provides everyone else with entertainment.

jaybear said...

saw an interesting graphic on CNN the other day...they were talking about the percentage of millionaires in the country and breaking the percentage down into the categories where they can be found. They had categories like "financial" "management" "Lawyers" and "Medical", when I added up the precentages it came out to 58%.....Until I saw your graphic about politicians, I was wondering what the other 42% did for a living and why CNN didn't highlight them.

Now I know

Anonymous said...

I'd be curious if anyone has even done a study of the net worth of Congressmen before and after they were in Congress. That might be an interesting study. It might tell you exactly who the honest Congressmen were.