Thursday, October 27, 2011

Doofus Of The Day #541

Today's award goes to the person or persons in a Chinese factory who are responsible for this.

Sometimes when you buy a pair of shoes, one of them can feel snug while the other one does not quite fit.

Tom Boddingham certainly knows the feeling.

When the 27-year-old ordered a special monster-design slipper to fit his oversized left foot, he was sent this size 1,450 one – because manufacturers failed to spot a decimal point.

He had requested a 14.5, as well as a smaller size 13 for his right foot. The pair cost £15.50 [about US $25].

However, manufacturers in China misread the measurement and accidentally made the whopping seven foot-long slipper, which was shipped to him along with the correct smaller size.

There's more at the link.

I'm still battling to understand this. I mean . . . who on earth keeps a sizing chart showing the dimensions of a size 1450 shoe, anyway??? That must be either the most optimistic, or the best-prepared, factory on Earth!



Grace Bridges said...

I suspect this is photoshopped, because the length of the fur on the monster slipper is proportionally the same as on the small one. If it was made of the same material, the fur should be under 1" long no matter what it's made into, don't you think?

Grace Bridges said...

And here's your analysis: (see also the FAQ there)
Theoretically this means the brighter parts of the image have been edited in. So there was a pic of the slipper on the floor, and the items edited in were the miniature slipper, the guy, and the doorhandle! Fun.

Radagast said...

I'm sure Larry Corriea can find a buyer for a one legged giant's slipper. If the cast of characters In Monster Hunter International is taken from real life (including our esteemed host), who is to say the opposing team doesn't really exist.
Nicholas Merrill's National Security Letter May be in relation to this. :)