Thursday, October 13, 2011

OK, this blows my mind!

Courtesy of fellow blogger Greybeard, writing at Pitchpull, we come across this video clip of parahawking.

I'd never even heard of parahawking until Greybeard linked to the video, but Wikipedia has a very interesting article on it, containing many links to articles and other sites with more information. Highly recommended reading.

Thanks, Greybeard! You made my evening with that video! I have to wonder, though, what the falcon is thinking about its winged 'master'. Does it regard him as a very large, slow target, or as a fellow free bird?



Mikael said...

Now that is cool / makes me jealous. I'd love to do that a lot more than the wingsuit adrenaline-junkie thing. Especially with the animal angle, being in their enviroment.

It's part of what I love about scuba-diving as well.

trailbee said...

Sensational! Thank you!

Old NFO said...

Nice :-) and I'd say the bird is probably going WTF??? :-)