Saturday, July 24, 2010

Expanding my vocabulary

The Sun has published a list of what it calls 'Words for stuff there aren't words for'. It's rather fascinating. Some examples:

POGONION: The bit in the middle of your chin that most sticks out.

GLABELLA: The gap between your eyebrows.

SIMOUS: A flat or turned up nose.

WIKINS: The corners of the mouth.

BORBORYGMUS: The rumbling sounds made by the tummy.

CALLIPYGIAN: Ancient Greek word for a shapely bum.

COCKTHROPPLED: Having an unusually large Adam's apple.

HYPNOPOMPIC: The fuzzy state between being asleep and awake.

DUNDUCKYTIMUR: A dull but indescribable colour.

WHEEP: Sound of a steel weapon being drawn from its sheath.

HODGER: Someone who eats all the host's food and drinks all their drink.

VURP: Something that's between vomit and a burp.

There are more at the link. Good fun - and sometimes thought-provoking, too!


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Anonymous said...

I reckon we need a word for that last inch or so of wonderful bonus coffee you find in your mug when you thought it was empty.