Friday, July 23, 2010

Move over, grammar!

Via The Gormogons, we learn of David Malki's latest contribution to civilization: a list of collective nouns for the supernatural.

I love it! Gems such as 'a bedevilment of bunyips' and 'a dastardly of manticores' add much to the language. Fantasy writers everywhere will be thanking Mr. Malki devoutly, even as they sharpen their pens' nibs and call loudly for more paper. As for religion, how can one possibly top 'an itself of Yahwehs'? Of course, given that the Jewish God is emphatically and indivisibly singular, that particular collective noun might be somewhat superfluous, but we won't get into theological debates here . . .

You'll find a larger version of the chart at the link. You can order it as a 16"x16" poster as well, if the fancy takes you. It certainly does me!


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