Tuesday, July 27, 2010

So you think life's given you a raw deal?

Count your blessings that you don't have to endure this.

Go and read it . . . then say a prayer for Jennifer, and her daughter Jessica, and all those involved in this tragedy. While you're at it, remember that there are many more Jennifers and Jessicas across our country, in different kinds of need, but all just as serious. How about seeing what you can do to help those nearest you?

Oh - and don't forget to give thanks for your many blessings, and the comparative smallness of your trials!


P.S.: Jennifer's posted a follow-up here. Go read.


Owen said...

ah heck that made me cry something awful. God keep that women and her daughter I'm going to go hug mine.

Anonymous said...

woogh nellie.

Noons said...

Counting my blessings, definitely.
There are so many unknown and unacknowledged heros out there...

Anonymous said...

Longtime reader, 1st time commenter -- thank you for this. It was just what I needed tonight. Found out my son's medical issues were not "fixed" after all, and we will be going in for follow up surgeries shortly and it's so good to know that someone understands.

Anonymous said...

I would rather have the love of a child then see Paris in the spring any time.

Brave woman.