Thursday, July 15, 2010

Politics, Chicago style

I'm dumbfounded (and extremely angry) to read of another brewing scandal in the political sewer that is Chicago. As I've said many times before, I'm neither Democrat nor Republican; I despise and distrust both major parties equally. This story, from Hillbuzz, illustrates that Republicans can be just as corrupt and devious as the Democrats they like to demonize.

The article's called 'CASE STUDY: Why the Chicago Young Republicans’ sexual assault scandal and its cover-up by the Chicago GOP is yet another example of Republicans refusing to get in front of a problem before it metastasized'. I won't bother to post a summary, as you can go to the link and read the whole thing for yourself. I highly recommend you do so.

Once you've read it, may I ask you to write to any Republican representatives you may have, on the Federal and/or State and/or local government level? Demand to know why the Republican Party isn't cleaning its own house instead of protesting vigorously about the dirt in others' houses. Remind your representatives of the 'plank in your eye' parable of Jesus (Matthew 7:1-5), and ask them why they're not taking it seriously.

Thanks to the guys at Hillbuzz for highlighting this issue and spreading the word. Let's hope they're successful in bringing down this particular house of cards.

Politicians! Grrr!


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