Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Doofus Of The Day #545

A tip o' the hat to reader Snoggeramus in Australia, who sent me the link to a newspaper report about today's winner.

A CLUMSY robber botched a hold up of a Brisbane bank only five weeks after being released on parole for a robbery and attempted robbery of building societies, a court heard today.

The District Court in Brisbane was told Gareth William Richards was dressed in a bright red tee shirt with a distinctive logo, had his sunglasses resting on the top of his head and forgot to wear gloves when he attempted to rob the Commonwealth Bank, in George Street, nearly two years ago.

Police had a clear identifying photographs of Richards on CCTV and because he did not wear gloves his fingerprints were quickly identified.

Prosecutor Ron Swanwick tendered documents to the court which detailed how Richards walked into the CBD bank at about 3.30pm and joined a queue of customers.

When he reached the top he handed the teller a note which read: "This is not a joke I have gun (sic) give me the money".

However, the teller walked away to a different area of the counter and Richards fled.

He was caught by police three days later and returned to custody for breaching his parole.

There's more at the link.

Clearly, in Mr. Richards' case, practice did not make perfect! As for the red shirt . . . did he never watch 'Star Trek' before? I'd say that was tempting Fate with a vengeance!


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Rev. Paul said...

Nice Star Trek tie-in. I was thinking the same thing. :)