Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Talk about 'hard' water!

I was amused to read a report from Groton, CT today.

A former Groton Water Department worker has resigned after he was allegedly caught making moonshine on town property.

Groton Town Manager Mark Haddad confirmed that distilling equipment and some mason jars containing alcohol were found at the Baddacook water treatment plant last month.

. . .

The police became involved shortly after a plant supervisor discovered the makeshift distillery.

“That was stuff that really shouldn’t have been in the water treatment plant. It wasn’t known to the water superintendent who discovered it. We decided to have the police come down and test some of the liquid samples,” said Haddad.

There's more at the link.

Given that this was in a waterworks, I found the mental connection between 'hard' water and 'hard' liquor irresistible! As for the name of the waterworks, 'Baddacook', doesn't that suggest that the distiller might not be the world's best? Also, the comparison with 'Big Badda Boom!' is equally irresistible! Perhaps they should trademark the name and sell the moonshine legally?


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Old NFO said...

Must have been a retired Navy Chief...LOL