Monday, August 11, 2008

Doofus Of The Day #57

To the hotel manager who paid so much for these grapes, we unhesitatingly award this Doofus Of The Day entry.

A bunch of grapes has sold for £465 [US $930] - the equivalent of £13 [US $26] per grape - in Japan today.

A hotel manager paid that amount for a 1.5lb of Ruby Roman grapes to serve guests.

"We believe the price was probably a record high," said local agricultural official Hirofumi Isu.

"They're delicious - sweet but fresh at the same time, very well balanced."

The tomato-colored grapes made their debut at an auction in Japan's northwestern Ishikawa prefecture, where they have been under development since 1994 in a state-led project.

The bunch that fetched the top price had about 35 grapes, each slightly smaller than a pingpong ball, Isu said.

The average price for the Ruby Roman grapes at Monday's auction was about £120 [US $240] a bunch.

Isu said local farmers hope to sell 1,500 bunches, or 1 ton, of the grapes by mid-September.

Ye Gods and little fishes!!! $930 for one bunch of grapes? $26 for a single grape?

What's that old saying about 'a fool and his money being soon parted'?



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