Monday, August 25, 2008

More beer advertisements

I've previously posted two entries on amusing beer advertisements from around the world. All the work on getting my house sorted out after last week's fire has made me thirsty, so I decided it was time to show a few more.

This lot are mostly Australian, with a few others thrown in for variety. Enjoy!

In no particular order, we have XXXX Gold:

Castlemaine XXXX:


Carlton Draught:

A nameless Danish beer ad, allegedly banned:


Another one from Toohey's:

and, a few months early, a Christmas Bud wish.



Murphy said...

"Hooray beer!"

Justin Buist said...

The title of the 1st video reminded me of an old urban legend. Well, old in Internet terms.

Story has it that a bloke phoned in to tech support after he broke the cup holder on his new personal computer. He'd been using his CD-ROM tray for said purpose, to hold his beer, not knowing what it was actually for.

Now, this dates back to 1994-1996 if I recall correctly. I first heard it sometime around 1998 and it didn't make any sense to me. A CD-ROM tray looks nothing like a cup holder. How would somebody get that confused?

Well, CD-ROM drives in the 1994-1996 era weren't that fast. They didn't have the 52X drives that we had know. They had 2X and 4X speed drives.

Story has it that upon seeing "4X" written on the drive's tray he figured it was where he should put his XXXX beer.

Anonymous said...

The Danish beer is Tuborg :-)

Matt said...

The 2nd Toohey's spot is my fav of the group.

Anonymous said...

You know, I might just get a box of Cartlon, simply out of gratitude for their making a commercial that isn't a pointless insult to my intelligence as many commercials are here. Hmm. Also, Tuborg, I didn't quite get a taste for it, but I sure would like to see Denmark again.