Friday, August 22, 2008

Doofus Of The Day #59

A tip o' the hat to Kim du Toit for this one.

You have to hand it to Mr. James Boppre, of Waterloo, Canada. When he falls from grace, he makes good and sure that he does it properly!

James Boppre broke all the rules of house arrest when he went for a late-night drive in his pickup truck last month.

He did not observe his curfew.

He did not remain sober.

He did not keep the peace.

And as he crashed into a Kitchener car lot -- driving naked while speeding, drunk, high on crack cocaine and next to a naked prostitute -- he was not being of good behaviour.

"This is one of the most flamboyant, flaming relapses I've ever seen," defence lawyer Brennan Smart said. "It's almost the stuff of comedy writers."

I'll say! As Kim summed it up, "the man is a god."

More details at the second link above.


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