Friday, August 15, 2008

The war in Georgia - grim photographs

VERY IMPORTANT WARNING: The photographs at the links provided contain EXTREMELY GRAPHIC images of dead bodies (including some burnt to death or apparently driven over by tanks or other heavy vehicles) and injured people. DO NOT GO TO THE LINK IF THIS IS LIKELY TO OFFEND OR UPSET YOU!

A Russian Internet forum has published a large number of pictures, allegedly taken by someone named Arcadia, of the war in Georgia. They're from a Russian point of view, of course, and show Russian troops, tanks and other armor in action.

They shed a sobering light on the reality of the situation.

For copyright reasons, I can't reproduce the photographs here: but I invite interested readers to go to that forum and view them for themselves.

The original Russian Web page is here.

A translated version of the page (into English) is here.

May God have mercy on the dead, the wounded and the suffering.


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Anonymous said...

This is a senseless waste of both human life and a beautiful country.

On a more detached note, I note that one of the dead is shown wearing a uniform made of US Marine Corps digi-pat camouflage, and carrying canteens with with NATO-standard connectors for drinking while wearing a gas mask. I couldn't point out the relevance of that, or the destroyed tanks - whose were they?