Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hurricane Gustav Update #2

This is looking worse and worse . . .

Gustav's predicted track has jogged slightly to the East. It's now headed for a direct hit on my home town, sometime on Tuesday. This. Is. Not. Good.

If Gustav does clobber us, the contractors who are supposed to start work here on Tuesday, repairing my fire damage, won't be working: and there'll be so much more urgent damage that I may take months to get things finished!

Our preparations continue. I'm going to try to find some help tomorrow to board up my windows (being partly disabled, it's a difficult job for me to tackle alone). Fortunately I have all the plywood, tools and screws I'll need. Those who haven't yet bought them are likely to find that the shops are bare . . .

The gentleman living next door to me has a problem. A tree branch fell on his outside building a couple of weeks ago and smashed it. He has lots of debris lying around - and hurricane-force winds just love that stuff! I'm going to have a word with him in the morning, and offer the use of my pickup to get as much as possible out of here and down to the dump. We don't need it blowing around when Gustav arrives!

More tomorrow.



Evil Transport Lady said...

I am so sorry! You will be in my thoughts! (I don't pray to a God)


Rio Arriba said...

I'm sure gonna be thinking Good Thoughts about you for the next few days. Can't hurt. Wish we could help in more positive ways. Be safe!

Anonymous said...

I wish it would be possible for me to be there to help you out.But Like you I have physical problems also.I Will Keep The Prayers Coming Your Way.