Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin

I'm enjoying all the fuss about Sarah Palin's selection as Senator McCain's vice-presidential running mate.

I think she's a great choice. A strong, independent spirit, not afraid to take on party vested interests; a proven record fighting corruption and the "good-old-boy" network; strong on many positions and values that I regard as very important, even though she has others with which I respectfully disagree; in short, a very strong figure to balance what I perceive as the real weaknesses in McCain himself.

I'm hugely amused at the immediate attempt by the Democratic Party and its mouthpieces to portray her as far too inexperienced to handle the responsibilities of the Vice-Presidency. As Governor, she's got more practical experience in two years than Senator Obama has in his four years in the Senate. Just check out his voting record, and how often he was absent! I'm willing to bet that her solid down-to-earth record of accomplishment as a mother, and local and State politician, will be as good a foundation - if not better - for her job than Obama's Chicago-machine political background will be for him. If he's qualified to run for President, she's at least as well qualified to run for Vice-President.

Hint: When the opposition immediately jumps on one aspect - and one aspect only - of an opposing candidate, and tries to flog it to death, it's a pretty good sign that they're really, really worried about the other aspects that candidate can bring to the table.

(I'm also cackling at the response of a number of middle-aged men of my acquaintance. When they see a picture of her, very attractive lady that she is, their eyes light up and you can almost see the new bounce in their steps.)

I'm told that Rush Limbaugh commented:

"So with her we've got drilling, babies, guns, and Jesus. HOT DAMN!"


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Anonymous said...

What more sould we ask for. I will be glad to watch Sarah debate and destroy Joe wisea** Biden.