Sunday, August 17, 2008

How about a $199,980,000.00 profit?

Sometimes you get lucky, I guess!

As an artist, inventor, anatomist, engineer, mathematician and even a botanist, Leonardo Da Vinci was the ultimate Renaissance man.

However, it seems he may have had one more string to his bow - as a matchmaker.

Art historians now believe he is responsible for this 500-year-old pen and ink drawing, which was commissioned by a female Italian aristocrat to show to potential suitors.

Known as Nuptial Portrait of a Young Woman, it was sold for £10,000 [US $20,000] in 1998 after being attributed to a German artist.

However, experts say it is looking 'more and more like a Leonardo work'.

This would push its value up as high as £100 million [US $200 million].

I wonder who's the present owner? If it's a private citizen, I bet he or she is laughing all the way to the bank!



Rio Arriba said...

The art world is insane. Lenny would be the first to say so. Besides, the "values" of art works have nothing to do with the art. It's a game played between dealers and their wealthy clients.

Carteach said...

In some countries the confiscatory taxes would take most of that profit.