Saturday, August 23, 2008

A treasury of useless information

I'm delighted to discover a collection of some of the more useless facts I've ever encountered. Great material for casual conversation!

Did you know that:

  • Women are estimated to buy 80% of everything sold?
  • The British eat 97% of the world's baked beans? (Talk about brownhouse gases!)
  • Humans share 35% of their DNA with daffodils? (That explains the smell - or some of them, anyway. The baked beans explain the other smells!)
  • Hitler was on the short-list for the 1938 Nobel Peace Prize?
  • A cow expels up to 280 liters (just under 10 cubic feet) of methane gas every day? (Must be those baked beans again . . . )
  • 62 of the world's 100 richest men are married to brunettes?
  • At birth, most babies cry in the key of C or C-sharp? (Must be because so many are born by C-section!)
  • The insults 'moron', 'idiot', 'imbecile' and 'cretin' were all once official medical diagnoses?
  • Only five out of every 100,000 paper clips are used to clip paper? (It's all very well telling us that, but I want to know how the other 99,995 are used! Oh, the suspense!)
  • The most expensive age of your life is 34?

These and many other interesting facts are at the link above. Enjoy!


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Things that make you say HMMM!