Monday, July 5, 2010

"Booth babes" deserve more respect, it seems

I've never been particularly respectful of "booth babes", the (often scantily-clad) young women one finds at auto shows and similar trade fairs, showing off various products. I'd always regarded them as eye candy, there to distract the customer while rapacious salesmen took advantage of the distraction to separate him from his money as quickly as possible. Since I have a visceral distaste for sex being used to sell anything, I'm afraid I didn't give the human element much thought.

I have to apologize to at least some of the ladies concerned. I recently came across a blog called "Do You Come With The Car?" I'm intrigued to find that according to the author, the ladies who work in that field have to be thoroughly trained and educated in the products they're selling, and be very professional in dealing with the public. Quite frankly, I had no idea so much work was involved. It's definitely given me a new respect for that profession - although it still feels odd to consider it a 'profession' at all!

The blog, and the author's regular column "The Booth Babe Chronicles" in the E-zine The Truth About Cars, make interesting reading. I recommend both.



Anonymous said...

+1 on booth babes. The first ones our female sales manager hired were very proffesional and to be honest, harder working than some of the sales staff.

I hired one in DC for a goverment security show. She was very pretty, ex Army and getting her masters in communications at Maryland. She took care of the clerical jobs in the booth. The uniform of the day was 5.11's and company polo shirt and she was a big help. Melissa made good money just doing shows in the DC area.

They even had booth babes in the UAE when I attended a security show there. Covered up head to toe but with a gold sash acrossed the shoulder.


Old NFO said...

+1 here too... They DO know what they are talking about, even if they ARE blonde... :-)

Keads said...

+1 Here too. They know of what they speak! Someone said "there may be silicone in them, but not in the head"!

Do You Come with the Car said...

Thanks for the shout-out!