Wednesday, November 2, 2011

For those snowbound in the Northeast

While you're digging out from the late October storm, I thought you might like to see how they do it out West - specifically, between Goodland, KS and Limon, CO.

That sure moves a lot of snow in a hurry! I wonder how many cars get buried by it at railroad crossings like that?



Murphy's Law said...

Better question: How to get that thing up into my driveway next time we get hit like this?

Anonymous said...

Check this out not trying to hijack the post but this is the snowplow we "BNSF" uses. This is parked in our shop now getting ready for this winter. Rotary Snowplow.

Rev. Paul said...

In places where we get lots of snow, we tend to take the removal thereof very seriously. The train-mounted snowblower is matched by a similar machine on the highways here in Anchorage - it's brought out only when we get 18" or more in a single snowfall. That happens two or three times per winter, but that sucker moves a LOT of snow in a hurry!

Anonymous said...

I've seen similar used on the roads in Iowa and Minnisnowta, and woe betide the driver who decides to whip around the beast in order to pass it!