Sunday, May 22, 2011

Can the Constitution be saved?

Judge Andrew Napolitano reminds us of how our Constitutionally recognized freedoms and civil liberties have been under assault since the very first days of the Republic.

In the light of the latest onslaughts against the Fourth Amendment from both the Indiana State Supreme Court and the US Supreme Court, I fear we're perilously close to the point that Constitutional guarantees will no longer be worth the paper on which they're printed.



Old NFO said...

Sadly I agree, our inalienable rights are being eroded at a very fast pace.

Anonymous said...

So, do something about it.


Shrimp said...

What is your recommended course of action, Jim?

Groundhog said...

The Judge is right on. He's doing something about it by speaking out. Actually, a lot of people are. The atrocities are mounting. The anger is mounting. The outcry is small though. If it doesn't grow, I fear this won't end well.

Anonymous said...

Get people involved in the process of electing and supervising those of the people elected to office. How to do that? I honestly don't know how to do it without trampling on the freedoms in question. Refraining from paying people a pretty good living to sit and home and be a burden on the productive members of society might be a start.


trailbee said...

You are so correct-how can we stop this rolling tank.I wish we could take people's entitlements but it won't work, because I think that removing people's money will immediately make them turn to Big Brother for a bigger handout, and vote that way.
How about we not only become politically savvy and aware, but more than that, check out blogs like this one and email these links to every single person on our mailing lists who believe as we do. Hopefully, they will mail their friends, and so on. You are correct, we cannot just sit and do nothing. It is only unproductive. We can do better than that.
I live in CA, and there is no point in calling or writing to either of our Senators, but I can donate when the time comes. I know it won't be much, but every little bit will help. Haven't figured out how to get around the media yet, though.
Maybe our roar will move the troll out of the WH!

FrankC said...

No representation without taxation?
Just a thought.
Or, if universal suffrage is not to be revoked, net taxpayers get an extra vote.