Monday, May 30, 2011

Still battling with my computer problem

I still can't find out why my computer has suddenly stopped loading Wordpress-based blogs. All I know is that when it tries to load components from, which are part of the Wordpress package, it hangs. It's as if my firewall won't let them through - but there's no such setting in my firewall! Other computers in the house, using the same Internet connection, don't have the same problem - they can access Wordpress blogs just fine.

I've tried undoing the most recent Windows 7 automatic updates, but that hasn't solved the problem. The only alternative might be to step back my entire computer by a couple of weeks, to the last recovery point; but then I'd have to back up and restore other data, which is a pain.

Does anyone have any idea how I can fix this? It's driving me nuts! All suggestions welcome - as long as they're practical and not too painful!



Noons said...

Same with Firefox?

DaddyBear said...

Good idea. Using a different browser like Firefox or Chrome might fix this.

Peter said...

Same problem with IE, Firefox and Chrome. It's deeper than the browser - somewhere in the operating system or firewall.

Shrimp said...

Have you tried downloading CCleaner from Piriform? It's an excellent little program that can be used to clear all kinds of cookies, temporary files, etc. In the past, when I've had problems loading one webpage or another, I often find that running CCleaner does clear the junk out of the system and things work like they are supposed to.

Also, "repairing" the connection to the internet (which clears the cache, and registers the DNS anew) may help.

If it is a firewall issue, there are ways to force exceptions, but I don't know if you can tell it to accept all pages, but you may be able to add all of them indivivually.

Have you tried resetting the firewall to default (or even the extreme measure of turning off the firewall altogether--temporarily!--while you load one of the sites)?

I'm just throwing out ideas here, but I think if it's a firewall issue, you'll know immediately if you turn off the firewall and access one of the webpages.

Anonymous said...

Also try pinging the site in question. This will show if the computer knows how to get to the site. It will also show if the computer's DNS resolving is working.

Peter said...

Shrimp, I've tried all that.

1. Ran CCleaner, no improvement.

2. Reset Internet connection, no improvement.

3. Disabled firewall, no improvement.

4. I even tried adding a couple of Wordpress blogs to my Internet 'trusted sites' list through the Control Panel - no improvement.

The problem seems to be specifically with some of the Wordpress sites, such as ''. When a blog tries to load content from that site, it hangs. There are a couple of other prefixes, but the '' component is constant. I suspect there's something about that site which has caused Windows 7 to block it . . . but what, precisely, is doing the blocking, I just can't figure out.

The Raving Prophet said...

I wouldn't be so sure it's a problem on your end. It could be something on the server end or something going on with your ISP.

If you are able to load most everything else fine, I don't think you have a problem on your end.

Peter said...

Prophet, the trouble is, other computers using the same Internet connection can access those sites just fine. Only mine seems to have the problem.


Shrimp said...

Interesting. Frustrating, to be sure, but interesting.

It can't be a firewall issue if you've disabled it and it still doesn't work. What OS are you running on the other computers in your network (specifically the ones that are able to access wordpress)? 7, vista, XP?

Raving Prophet, I doubt it's his ISP if other computers in the same house, using the same connection can access wordpress but this one cannot. More and more I suspect it is windows 7, but I don't know why or how.

Peter, have you tried shooting the computer with a rifle? It won't fix it, but it will probably make you feel better.

Anonymous said...

Go to download "start up control panel" it's free (or was). Could be something snuck in and loads up, and causes your hangups. For example there is a "concealed weapons website" I can't go to, but if I do and start rooting around I get the BSD (it's because of my video driver).

Mike in Free Idaho

Mark said...

Also try Registry Mechanic. I had a similar problem and it was a registry error. I use the paid version as it works very well.

AlaskanGeekArchitect said...

Other things that leap to mind is if your Java is out of data or had broken update installed could cause WP back-end components to crash on load.

Someone has already mentioned doing a network repair, which in theory should flush your DNS tables. But you could also test DNS functionality by going to command prompt and typing "ping" sans quotes. If you get response probably not DNS.

Lastly if your winsock stack has become corrupt (through malware or a improperly installed windows update) a reset of that might clear your problem.

Some pretty good instructions can be found here:

Peter said...

@AlaskanGeekArchitect: Thanks for the useful tips. I learned a few new things by going to that site you listed. Useful stuff!

Unfortunately, none of those steps solved my problem. I'm seriously considering picking up an el cheapo laptop as an interim solution, copying all my user files over to it, and using it as my temporary "main" computer while completely reformatting my old one and reinstalling everything from scratch.

Isn't modern office automation wonderful?

(Insert hair-tearing smiley-face here . . . )


Shrimp said...

I still think you should try shooting it....

Of course, that could be because I like shooting stuff.

Anonymous said...

sounds like a reformat to me. That being the case, I would use a USB drive to copy files to and not a new computer (reformat is a few hours maybe a day). You may want to go pick up a copy of Norton Ghost or an equivalent and an external HD. After you get the basics reinstalled ghost image to external HD. Finish setting up computer reghost. That way if it happens again you can reinstall ghost image alot easier than a reformat. I keep ghost images of all my families computers for days such as yours.

My 2 cents,